How to Apply for a Grant

The Foundation uses a two-step, on-line application procedure. All requests for funding must be submitted to the Foundation electronically using the on-line system.

The first step in the application process is the creation of a user account and the submission of a Letter of Inquiry (LOI).

If the Trustees believe the LOI describes a program that meets the Foundation’s criteria, you will be asked to complete the second step by submitting an on-line Application. Applicants who submit a complete LOI will be informed of the Foundation’s decision, whether or not a complete Application is requested.

A user account may be created using the link below. Once an account has been established, you may sign in with your User ID and password. Creation of the user account requires contact information for the person establishing the account. This is the person to whom all correspondence will be addressed. You will also be asked to provide contact information for your organization’s executive director or chief operating officer.

The LOI asks, among other things, for the following information:

  • a description of the program for which funding is requested;

  • whether the program is aligned with the Foundation’s interest in early childhood literacy or the emotional well-being of children. Please review the Focus Section of this web-site for more details;

  • the primary audience the program will serve;

  • the location where the program will be delivered;

  • the amount you are requesting from the Foundation;

  • the total program budget.

You will also be asked to provide a copy of your most recent IRS Form 990. If your organization is not required to complete a Form 990 (e.g., public library, religious institution) space is provided for an explanation. Please save and name the Form 990 using the convention of organization initials_type of document.file type. For example, ABC_990.pdf. If the Form 990 is not already in electronic form and must be converted from a paper copy, after logging in please refer to the Fax To File link within the LOI.

You may direct questions about any technical issues (e.g., a file won’t upload) related to the on-line process to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If funds are awarded, the recipient will be required to sign a letter agreeing to the terms of the grant and to submit a final report at the completion of the grant period. Any renewal requests will be considered ONLY if a final report is received in a timely manner. For multi-year grants, receipt of a future installment will depend on program review and a determination by the Foundation that the terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement are being met.

Unfortunately the Foundation can only fund a fraction of the requests that are received. In many cases, excellent proposals will not be funded. A denial of funding is not necessarily a reflection on the program or proposal, but a result of the enormous needs of children in our society and a limit to the resources available to respond to such needs. Additional information regarding timing and deadlines may be found below under Timeframe.

The Trustees encourage you to review closely the Grant Information pages of this website to ensure an appropriate application.

To log-in and begin the application process, click here.



LOIs will be accepted at any time. If the Foundation decides the request for funding is appropriate for further consideration, you will be provided with access to the on-line application.

Supporting materials may be requested by the Foundation. In most cases, a site visit will be scheduled to discuss the project and to meet key members of the applicant’s organization.

If the LOI is accepted, it can take up to three months for consideration of a completed application. Award checks are normally issued in the early summer and late fall. Please keep these timeframes in mind when applying for funding.

The Trustees, at their discretion, may defer consideration of a grant request to a future date.